GPS MATLAB Toolbox Review

Avram K. Tetewksy and Arnold Soltz
Draper Laboratory


Article and Detailed Scoring Rules

The Innovation column of the October 1998 issue of GPS World magazine featured a review of four MATLAB-based GPS simulation packages. With GPS World's permission, we are now providing a PDF version of the article on line. Click on the link below to retrieve the article. Due to space constraints, the detailed scoring rules used to assess the packages could not be presented in the magazine. However, we present them here as a PDF file. We have also separately reproduced the tables from the article and they are available as PDF files too. Two corrections have been made to the on-line tables (the tables in the PDF version of the article have not been corrected):

Table 1
Both the Orion and Constell packages require MATLAB 5.x or higher. They won’t run using MATLAB 4.2c

Table 4.3
Point RAIM: Orion does not supply point RAIM, at least they did not at the end of May 1998.
WADGPS Coverage: Orion does supply WADGPS with a Y-WD score.

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For futher information about the scoring of the packages, you can consult the authors via e-mail: and


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