Student On-the-fly GPS Survey

As part of the course requirements for SE 4242, Special Studies in Geodesy, and SE 6242, Extraterrestrial Positioning, the students carry out a practical GPS project. This year, they used the on-the-fly technique to position three survey markers within the city of Fredericton. Data was collected at a base station at Gillin Hall on the UNB campus and by a roving receiver. Ashtech Z-12 receivers were used and the data was post-processed using the Ashtech Prism package. In addition to determining the positions of the markers, the route followed by the roving receiver was also determined.

Here are a few photos of some of the students hard at work (all pictures taken on 24 March 1996 by Deane Mclay-Milne):

And some more pictures taken by Mattias Stronk: