Guide to GPS Positioning

Classic GPS Text Reprint

The original publishers of the Guide to GPS Positioning, Canadian GPS Associates, decided to stop printing the book due to reduced sales volumes. But many newcomers to GPS continue to express an interest in obtaining copies of this classic GPS text which was a Canadian technical "best seller" with over 12,000 copies sold worldwide. It is true that there have been many advances in GPS positioning during the more than 20 years since the book was originally published, particularly in receiver design and operation. However, the basic concepts of legacy GPS have not changed and much of the material in the book is still relevant. So to meet the continuing demand, it was reprinted in a cost-effective format as a University of New Brunswick Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering lecture note. UNB is one of North America's leading GPS research centres.

Unfortunately, hard copies of the book are no longer available.

However, a scanned version of the book in Portable Document Format is available for free download.